laboratory syringe pumps

Harvard Apparatus

Harvard Apparatus offers a broad selection of syringe, peristaltic and continuous flow pumps to suit almost every application. We also offer an expanded line of component pumping modules for OEM and specialized system development.

With more than 100 years of success and a proven track record of designing and manufacturing high quality reliable syringe and peristaltic pumps, only Harvard Apparatus has the scientific depth and fluidics knowledge to recommend the right pump and accessories to suit any customer’s application.

Our PHD ULTRA™ and Pump 11 Elite Series have set a new standard for syringe pumps. They are easy to use with an intuitive interface controlled via touch screen and produce extremely accurate, repeatable results even at low flow rates.

The innovative PHD ULTRA™ and Pump 11 Elite Series syringe pumps service a wide range of applications including mass spectrometry calibration, drug and nutritional studies, macro to micro reactors, LP chromatography, electrospinning, aerosols and macrofluidics to microfluidics.

The Harvard Peristaltic Pumps provide precise digital control over a wide range of flow rates for applications including: dispensing/dilution, organ/tissue perfusion, and fluid circulation.