molecular analysis products

Biochrom is a leading global manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience of designing and manufacturing the highest quality scientific instruments. Our instruments are trusted by scientists, doctors and technicians in hospitals and laboratories worldwide. Biochrom has long standing relationships as a valued OEM partner to many of the worlds’ largest and most exciting scientific instrumentation companies.

Biochrom manufactures a dedicated amino acid analyzer, a broad range of UV-Vis spectrophotometers including the Biochrom Libra high performance spectrophotometers for clinical, analytical and industrial laboratories and Biochrom WPA colorimeters and spectrophotometers for education and life science laboratories. Biochrom also manufacturers the Biochrom EZ Read range of microplate instrumentation, a comprehensive range of absorbance-based microplate readers and washers that are sold both into research labs as well as clinical environments. All of our instruments are designed and manufactured at the Cambridge Science Park in Cambridge, UK.

Biochrom products are available worldwide through a growing network of committed independent distributors, backed by Biochrom’s deep commitment to quality design and manufacturing as well as exceptional customer support.


BioDrop offers a fresh new approach for life scientists making micro-volume measurements of DNA, RNA, oligos and protein. A range of instrument and accessory platforms provide flexibility: the BioDrop μLITE has a unique in-built micro-volume sample port with a detection limit of 1 ng/µL and the BioDrop DUO which has both a micro-volume sample port as well as a cuvette port for extended application capabilities. The BioDrop CUVETTE is a micro-volume accessory which can be used to extend the concentration range of the BioDrop DUO to 12,000 ng/µL dsDNA or to transform an existing spectrophotometer into a micro-volume measurement instrument. BioDrop’s unique technology delivers reliable accuracy over time without the need to calibrate.


BTX is a world leader in electroporation systems specializing in providing complete Single- and Dual-Waveform Electroporation Systems. BTX is also a leading provider of high throughput and cell fusion electroporation equipment. In particular, BTX’s cell fusion apparatus are the defining standard for this industry segment. In addition, BTX provides the widest available selection of tools dedicated to in vivo, in vitro, in situ, and in ovo applications.


Hoefer has consistently provided high quality and reliable equipment, instrumentation, and consumables since offering the first commercially available electrophoresis equipment in 1967. Hoefer’s extensive experience in developing and manufacturing tools for gel electrophoresis and complimentary accessories allows us to deliver products that are intelligently designed for top performance and ease of use.


Scie-Plas was established in 1988 and has grown to be a leading provider of value gel electrophoresis equipment and related laboratory accessories. Scie-Plas offers an extensive collection of electrophoresis products to meet the varied needs of protein and nucleic acid researchers around the globe. Scie-Plas manufactured products are also sold under a variety of private label brands worldwide.