With over 110 years of experience and 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries, Harvard Bioscience holds a vast array of specialized solutions to advance life science research.

Primary Market Segments

laboratory syringe pumps

Laboratory Fluidics

Products include world famous Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, accessories and OEM modules. Learn more about our Fluidics solutions.

lab supplies

Lab Equipment and Supplies

We have multiple well-known brands of pipette tips, sample preparation products, cell culture disposables and general laboratory supplies. Learn more about our Lab Equipment and Supplies.

molecular analysis products

Molecular Analysis

Our line of spectrophotometers, amino acid analyzers, microplate readers, electrophoresis equipment and electroporation products are among the most advanced in the world. Learn more about our solutions for Molecular Analysis.

cell analysis products

Cell Physiology

We offer products for electrophysiology and electrochemistry including patch clamp systems and microelectrode arrays (MEA). Learn more about our Cell Physiology products.

Animal Physiology research

Animal Physiology

We are the research standard for animal handling, delivering and monitoring, organ perfusion, microdialysis, behavior studies, in vivo recording and stimulation, and regenerative medicine. Learn more about our products for Animal Physiology Research.

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