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State-of-the-art spectrophotometry equipment is vital to the success of your work. We are a world leader in spectrophotometry technology, and we’ve been designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most precise and reliable quality control instruments since 1981.


UV-visible spectrophotometers

The Biochrom range of spectrophotometers covers a wide range of needs for most laboratories – from cost-effective options to high performance UV spectrophotometers. Most models are available either as a standalone or with PC control, and optional 21 CFR Part II, EP, and pharmacopoeia compliance is also available.

Microvolume spectrophotometers

Biochrom’s BioDrop microvolume spectrophotometers offer accurate, reliable microvolume results in seconds, giving your lab the confidence to do more. The in-built sample port uses no moving parts, meaning that the instrument provides excellent reproducibility without the need to recondition or calibrate. BioDrop instruments feature easy-to-use, on-board software via a large, high resolution color touchscreen, and the BioDrop Resolution PC Software package is included with all instruments. Pre-programmed applications in both on-board and PC software make setting up, choosing methods, and measuring samples quick and easy.

Colorimeters and cell density meters

We offer a range of small, robust, and easy-to-use colorimeters and cell densitometers designed with both academic and field users in mind. Our products are rugged enough for measurements in hot or demanding environments, such as QC measurements in industrial processes or remote locations where simple tests need to be performed – yet they’re not over-specified for routine use in the lab, or as academic teaching tools.

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