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IQ/OQ Field Services

IQ/OQ Validation Services for Bioproduction Labs and Spectrophotometers 

If your lab uses sophisticated electroporation techniques, we know how essential accurately-calibrated equipment and IQ/OQ validation are to your success. When you choose a BTX electroporation or electrofusion system or other Harvard Bioscience instrument, you’re securing a partnership with Harvard Bioscience, a world-class provider of innovative laboratory instruments with over 11 quality brands in its network. And with this partnership, your lab gains access to a dedicated, first-class technical service and support team.

From validating operational best practices, to meeting compliance requirements, and even restarting instruments, your lab can count on our engineers and technical support specialists to complete the IQ/OQ validation you need to keep your lab running smoothly.



Our IQ/OQ Field Services

“IQ/OQ” (“Installation qualification” and “operational qualification”) are a set of quality assurance protocols put in place by the FDA, which pharmaceutical and manufacturing labs may be subject to. IQ and OQ protocols are designed to ensure that:

  • Equipment is installed correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Equipment is operating as the manufacturer specified
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