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SoHo™ Implantable Telemetry

A new evolution of implantable telemetry with increased animal welfare, system flexibility, and efficiency.


Changing the Game in Preclinical Research

Seeing the challenges researchers faced with traditional research methods, DSI’s founders introduced the industry disrupting PhysioTel Implantable Telemetry forty years ago, forever changing the way physiologic monitoring is conducted in preclinical research.

We continue this legacy by providing high quality research solutions, innovating to meet the changing needs of researchers, and pushing the bounds of what’s possible.

We are excited to introduce the new evolution of implantable telemetry, SoHo™!


Key Benefits

  • Free up valuable lab space with SoHo's simplified, compact design and increased transmission distance.
  • Monitor up to 16 animals per transceiver, maximizing your data output while minimizing costs.
  • Improve data quality through enhanced animal welfare with group housing and small implant size.
  • Invest in a system that can grow with your research. SoHo is a scalable solution designed to monitor up to 64 socially housed animals in the same environment.


Research Applications


  • Conduct longitudinal studies with the same subject; allowing for quantification of behavioral and physiologic change over time.
  • Add quantitative analysis of endpoints to studies.
  • Monitor temperature and activity in behavioral assays such as treadmills, mazes, and operant conditioning boxes.
  • Areas include stress and pain, and social behavior.

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Infectious Disease

  • Measure temperature to better understand the effects of drug therapy and disease.
  • Confidently acquire real-time data from challenging Biological Safety Level (BSL) environments with a miniature hardware footprint.
  • Areas include vaccine development, fever, and trigger-to-treat studies.
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